How to Use TikTok

How to Use TikTok? (Simple Guide to Use It)

TikTok, the new favorite of the social networking ecosystem, has long been on the agenda with its extraordinary content and growth. Featuring a young user base, the app stands out with its humorous dance videos. However, under certain genres, such as play and comedy, you can also encounter different content. Aren’t you a member of TikTok yet, or are you new to the app? How do you think the app is used? Using this TikTok guide we have prepared, you can get to know and easily use the social network.


Duet: This is one of the most preferred types of content for TikTok users.

We can describe Duet as a new user’s interpretation of a video previously taken by another user. The user acts as if he or she is part of the original video in videos taken by new users. Sometimes the harmony between videos can reach surprising levels.

Cringe: Cringe is often the name we give to the videos of those who try to make a good video but have failed in this regard. You can see those who exhibit strange behavior or become embarrassing in the Cringe hashtag or Cringe-themed accounts.

Challenges: You can feel the Challenge culture you’ve seen so far on YouTube, in fact, intensely on TikTok. The challenges at TikTok often manifest itself as all users focusing on the same action.


It is also worth examining video content after the terms. Gamers, animal costumes, dancers, singers, actors, influencers, and young people who adopt the “meme” culture are common in this community.

You can use challenges and hashtags to find the content you might like. Because most of the categories are self-described. Users don’t forget to add hashtags to them when producing content based on their interests. For example, you can meet gamers under the hashtag “#Pubg,” and you can find athletes you might want to follow under the hashtag “#freeruning.”

Who to Follow

While it’s hard to create a list of all the special categories of TikTok, we can say that you can often meet comedy and duet ensembles. Below we mentioned the three most popular users for you.

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Juicy (@juiceesaft): A comedian at TikTok who is suddenly positioned as a leading content producer.

Zoe is your Homie (@zoeisyourhomie): This profile, which users know with duets, produces anime content and ironic TikTok Videos.

Watch Her Bake (@watchherbake): You should follow this extraordinary food channel, which quickly and fully shows the production stages of the meal.

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“For You” Page

When you log in to TikTok, you first encounter the “For You” page. On this page, you can see content that goes viral in TikTok selected by the company. Scroll down to scroll through these content and find content that might interest you.


Because TikTok content is shaped by the song that plays in the background, you can easily find different interpretations of Challenge and Meme by searching for a song.

Privacy Options

When you create your account, please note that the account’s privacy setting is automatically set to the public. Nevertheless, TikTok allows you to easily change your privacy settings. When you convert your profile to a Custom Account, other users need to send a follow-up request so they can view, like, or comment on your videos.


Can I be a phenomenon using TikTok?

You can be a popular and phenomenon using the Tiktok platform. To achieve this kind of popularity, you need to have high followers, likes, and views.

What should I do to become a phenomenon?

To become a Tiktok Phenomenon, first, you have to produce quality content. This makes your content more noticeable, and your interaction rate is high.

What does being a phenomenon earn me?

Tiktok is a social media app with a very high usage rate. Being popular and phenomenon on Tiktok gives you recognition. You’ll soon create your fan base. This allows you to advertise and make money on your TikTok profile.


In our article, we covered how to use TikTok. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be in the fun world of this popular app. Life is too short to have fun!

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